Soul Connection

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Have you considered spending a full day alone with God? Have you thought how to go beyond a short, daily devotional and wish to take 6-8 hours, or more, connecting with the Father?

Soul Connection is designed as a tool for the Holy Spirit to lead you in a journey of spending a full day connecting with your Creator. God has created everyone to connect with Him, but everyone is unique and God wants to connect with you in the way He created you. So Soul Connection is organized into seven different styles, or Pathways: Activist, ContemplativeCreation, Relational, Serving, Studious, and Worship. Within each Pathway are several Trails that will guide your day-long devotional experience with God.

Each Trail is structured into five Steps:  Prepare, Be Still, Engage, Reflect, and Live (Out). Within the five steps are Bible passages to read, ideas to ponder, suggestions for prayer, things to observe, and activities to consider so that God and you have a deeply spiritual, renewing time together.

The Soul Connection app is not designed to replace your daily Bible reading and prayer time, but to be an additional resource you can use periodically (once a month, once a quarter, or several times per year) to spend a day with the Father.

The Trails are stored in “the cloud” and new ones are frequently being published to keep the material fresh.


“I’ve started using it and really like it. The interface is well designed too!”

-Emad, Missionary Prayer Partner

“Soul Connection helped me stay focused during my spiritual retreat. I benefited from the five steps: prepare, be still, engage, reflect and live. This app was instrumental in helping to remove distractions which resulted in a deeper time with God.”

-Kay, GEM Regional Leader

“This app is an in­cred­i­ble re­source for con­nect­ing with God. The per­son­al­ization sur­vey helps to nar­row the best path­ways for your spe­cif­ic wiring and life­style.”

-Brian, Missionary in Colombia